A very major contributor to the world of model aviation was Frank Zaic. His contributions began in the 1930's and continued for many years. He is noted for his year books and for the various kit companies he founded and operated during his long and significant period of contributions.

Frank's later evolution of his kit company was the Junior Aero Space Company known as JASCO. The kits produced by all of Frank Zaic's companies were all of top quality. Included in the JASCO line of kits were models intended to introduce people to the world of Free Flight model aviation. Presented here are reproduction drawing packaged for three of these kits. Many thanks go out to Stan Huyge who loaned us his kits to use in developing the reproduction drawings. Each drawing package includes scanned images of the kit plan and CAD drawn parts based on scans of the original kit parts.

If you are working with younger people or someone new to the world of Free Flight model aviation these designs are really worth considering. They are fairly simple to build and will yield great flying models. Performance of each model is just right to stimulate the interest of someone new to Free Flight.