What do you need? A printer that can print on letter size sheets of paper. That covers all but the specialty photo printers. The latter can actually be used but you will be limited to smaller print images. You will also need a package of iron-on transfer paper. This is typically sold for creating your own T-shirt images. Many stores that sell computer supplies carry iron-on transfer paper. It is also available from on-line dealers. Buy the type intended for light fabrics. Also, if the product being sold by your retailer specifies "Hot Peel" or "Cold Peel" select the hot peel variety. If no such specification is given on the package it will be the hot peel material.

The process. The photos that follow will take you through the steps. Basically, the process is  create your artwork and then print the balsa sheets. Click on the photos to expand the images and associated text.

In summary, it is possible to develop some very colorful and detailed models by using a computer driven ink jet printer and some iron-on transfer paper to create colored or fine line parts from balsa sheets. If your printer can print on a letter size sheet of paper it can be used for this process. If you have questions or thoughts on the process please feel free to contact us.