Radio Control Models

Radio Control Version of the 25" Comet Stinson SR-7
A Radio Control Flying Model Representation of the Star Trek Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-A
The Termite - A small motor glider by Ralph Bradley
The Origami E2 - a Radio Control "Paper" Airplane Made From Sheet Foam by Jack Pignolo
The Baby Blue X-1 by Jack Pignolo
Combat Foamie - A Radio Control Full Contact Combat Model Made From Sheet Foam by Jerry Hagood
Double Trouble - an upgraded version of the Combat Foamie by Jerry Hagood
The Mini-E-Bipe by Carl Hock and a Control Line version of the Mini-E-Bipe
The Septallete from 1961. CAD drawings by Carl Hock for the original glow powered model and for current day electric power
Gymster V by Carl Hock - a model made from balsa, carbon fiber, and 3D printed parts. The 3D print files are included. Gymster V
The Lo 'N Slo by Bill Welle - A relaxed slow flying model at a size that is easy to handle and see in the air
The Lo 'N Slo Autogyro Conversion Package by Bill Welle
A 12.5" Span Rogallo Wing model called the Cootie by Ralph Bradley Cootie

All drawing not identified as coming from another source copyright 2002-2016, Paul Bradley, All rights reserved

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